Environmental awareness


The information and data below have been compiled not for advertisement purposes but with the common sense of responsibility towards the world we live in. 
Official and special researches and reports were used as the source.
In fact, it is a topic that we all know or think that we know, but don't care enough in reality:



When 1 TON OF USED PAPER is recycled and used in paper production;

17 cultivated pine trees are not cut,
36 tons of greenhouse gas CO2 is not released into the atmosphere,
4100 kWh of electrical energy is not wasted,
267 kg of polluting gas is not released into the atmosphere,
1750 liters of fuel oil is not wasted,
3-4 m3 of storage space is not occupied,
85 m2 woodland area is not destroyed,
38.8 tons of water is not wasted.


Of the 9000 plant species found naturally in our country, 3000 species grown in our country are endemic (unique to our country),
The number of animal species living in our country is 1.5 times that of all animal species living in the European continent,
Naturally, 120 mammals, 440 birds, 13 reptiles, 350 fish species and 15 mammals live in our country and 46 birds and 18 reptile species are in danger of extinction,
Two of the world's major bird migration routes pass through Anatolia,
It is stated that wetlands are the most productive regions of the world in terms of biodiversity and there are 56 wetlands with international importance in our country.
Two thirds of the land in our country is under the influence of water or wind erosion and every year 1 cm. thickness of the island of Cyprus is lost because of the erosion,

A glass bottle decomposes in 4000 years, plastic in 1000 years , chewing gum in 5 years, beer cans in 10-100 years, cigarette filters in 2 years,
An office employee throws 81 kg of high-quality paper in the trash annually,
400 liters of water is needed to produce a pellet of butter,
A large beech tree meets the need for 1 day oxygen for 72 people,
Only 1% of the available water in the world is useable water,
6% of the earth's surface is deserted and 29% is on desertification,
230 thousands of people per day and 93 millions of people per year are added to the world population,
25.000 people die because of unhealthy waters every day in the world

No other earth exists to go to, Dear Environment Friends.
There's no other earth to live on.
"As an individual, am I sensitive enough to nature which is trying to generously offer all its resources?"

Although the answer does not comfort us, let us ask this question.
And let's not take the excuse of how others behave.